Multi-Card Online Keno

Some online casinos are now offering a version of Keno where players can choose up to seven tickets and play any amount of numbers, as long as they do not exceed 15 on any given ticket. This new Keno game is accompanied by an increase in the chances of winning.

The Benefits.

Playing Multi-Card Keno is an easy way to play seven rounds of Keno in one hit of the play button. Online casinos have revamped their software in order to make the experience better. Now, it is not necessary to download any software, the Keno games can be played right in the browser. There is also a new mode called auto-play where, if chosen, will continue to play 100 rounds of Keno on the same selected numbers. If at any time a player wants to change a number they unselect auto-play, change their numbers, and continue.

Choosing Multi-Card Keno.

It can be hard to think of seven unique sets of fifteen numbers when playing Multi-Card Keno. As a result many online casinos have developed a feature called Quick Pick, which generates randomly selected numbers. This speeds up the process and creates less of a stressor on the player. Players are not required to play all 7 tickets at once; they can play any number for the given Keno round.

The increased chances of winning come with the amount of tickets, and therefore numbers, played on any Keno grid at one time. Hitting all 15 numbers can result in a $10,000 payout, and the player is given seven chances to do so in each round. However, prizes can be granted for hitting as few as 3 out of 15 numbers on the ticket. Multi-Card Keno is a fun online alternative to playing one ticket over and over again.